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This question might sound stupid, but I'm an exchange student who's coming to McMaster the next schoolyear and I'd like to know which is the difference between Reduced Meal Plans and Full Meal Plans and what would make you want to choose one over the other. The website does not explain it.

Thanks in advance.
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It depends on which residence you're going to live in (assuming you're living on campus). If you live in Mary Keyes or Bates, then you can get the Reduced Meal Plan. Any other residence you get the Full Meal Plan. The difference is basically that the Reduced Plan is less money, because you'll have a kitchen and will be cooking for yourself rather than buying full meals all the time, and the Full Plan is enough to feed you for the entire year.

Hope that helps!
It does actually, thank you! It's just we don't have meal plans here in Spain, and so I was just wondering what was the difference between one and the other. I'll probably get a room at Bates, so I'm definitely taking the reduced one.
I love Bates! It's older but I had some fun times in there. They're more like real apartments where Mary Keyes seemed very "residency"

:D Enjoy your time at MAC!
Thank you! I'm actually really excited about the whole thing. :D