spore (kasdan) wrote in mcmaster,

getting into full classes

what are your strategies for getting into full classes? there are 0 seats left (not even ones reserved for people in the program) and it started tonight, but nobody's dropped it in time for me to pick it up yet. has anybody tried just going to the class then kindly asking the faculty to add them in later in the semester? it's my final semester so i can't risk them turning me down :/
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asking the prof usually works. if they shoot you down or are dismissive, contact the department head and ask what it might take to be admitted. in my experience profs don't usually turn down requests though.

good luck!
I don't think the profs can actually add you, I got told to ask the registrar a couple of times... if it's a requirement for your degree they HAVE to let you in though.

One time I called the registrar because I'd missed my chance due to them screwing up my prereqs and they held a seat for me in one of those courses that ALWAYS fills, so I'm sure if you call them they'll be able to help you, provided it's not just an 'I missed my shot on an elective' deal.