kate (arrivee) wrote in mcmaster,


as i enter my first year of mcmaster in the fall, i'm wondering who i should talk to to join the lgbt community or student group. i was just wondering if anyone on here would know of any further information just so i could have a heads up.

i'm also curious as to whether any courses and classes still use lab rats. i love pet rats and would be interested in taking the little guys home at the end of the term and/or year.
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I was on the executive of the GLBT Centre back in my day at McMaster (2004) hahah.

During the August visit day if you're going to that there should be a GLBT Centre table set up you can visit. If you don't go or you can't find it, during Welcome Week there will be a day called Clubs Fest where all the clubs and committees set up tables and you can find them then.

You can use them as a service (events, gatherings, meetings, discussion groups, etc) or you can use the office just to hang out. It can get pretty catty and cliquey, despite what they say.

The office is on the 2nd floor of the student centre.

The way I started in 1st year was going to "Newcomers" meetings, which was a discussion group for new people which was pretty fun and then in my 2nd year I became the facilitator of the group.

So yeah, sorry for rambling!! Hope that helps!

I was also a GLBT Exec (webmistress, 2004-2006). I signed up to volunteer, initially, which turned into quite the experiment in social networking. I made great friends that 3 years later (and one province away) I keep in touch with.
There have been many changes since I left Mac, though. And of course the people are always changing.
Just head on into the office, and make yourself at home :D
does this help? i'm not involved in it myself, but i know some people that i are and they're super nice :D

as for the rats, i know there are labs that students work at during the summer that involve mice so i think they stick around when classes are out.