Magoo (agingcusahack) wrote in mcmaster,

Full Time Student? Free Money Here

This is the page that tells you how to access the new Textbook and Technology Grant of $150 for 2008-2009. Everyone should apply for this. The government and universities are supposed to be informing people. Some are, some aren't.

You have until October 8 to apply for this year. If you've applied for OSAP, you're're deemed to have already applied.
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McMaster's deadline for first term only students will be October 2nd.

I've inquired with government if they will extend the deadline due to their incompetence in announcing this "grant" late.

It appears they will not be doing so.

If a student is registered in two terms of classes, they have until 90 days after the end of study period in April to apply.

Don't ask me why such a huge difference - the government seems to be completely mismanaging this gimmick.

My article on the grant is here: