Laura (lisforlaura) wrote in mcmaster,

a little bit of insight

Scenario: I go to McMaster University. Somebody at McMaster University sold me a printer that was supposed to work and "in mint condition." It didn't work, I contacted her about it and she promptly blocked me on Facebook (I found her in Marketplace). Basically, the situation has become that she refuses to refund me the money and has avoided all my messages and numerous ways of trying to contact her. She brought in her little sister instead who she claimed she was selling the printer for, who ended up doing the exact same thing. The little sister was very nice at first and said she would refund me back my money. It all seemed good until she decided to ignore all of my messages as well. So.. I've got nothing. I'm not pleased and I feel scammed - I'm pretty sure they knew they were selling me a broken printer and were trying to make money off of silly me.

A friend of mine who looked into this for me told me that I could go to a certain office at McMaster University and basically report her for scamming me and deal with it through them.

My question is, does anyone know if this is even possible? The transaction occurred outside of school. Yes, we both go to McMaster University but does that mean it has anything to do with McMaster? The idea seems strange to me, so I'm looking for an outside opinion.

I know this seems very 'tattle tale' but the very thought of how very low these two sisters are just angers me. I've tried reasoning, discussing it, offering them to have a go at the printer to see if it could be fixed, and it's been dragged out for three monthes and all I want is a little bit of justice.

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