Melissa (sesamesnaps) wrote in mcmaster,

Second Year Electives

Hey everyone,

I`m entering second year in the honours biology program and i`m in desperate need of help for electives!
If anyone would give me a little insight into:
Origins 2B03 - Big Questions
Linguistics 2L03 - Phonetics (Or any second year linguistics courses!)
Psychology 2C03 - Social Psych
Humanities 2C03 - Critical Thinking
Philosophy 2B03 - Logic
It would be so, so appreciated!

Thanks so much,
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From friends who have taken it, logic is a horrible choice for an elective unless you genuinely LOVE the subject or are a masochist.

I'm not sure if you're considering languages as linguistics, but Russian 2A03/2AA3 was great for me, and picking up another language never hurts. (You need zero knowledge of Russian going in, and the prof was quite good... plus it wasn't difficult so long as you studied a bit.)

I've never taken any off your list though. Hope it was a little help anyway
I took Psych 2C03 and it's pretty easy and straight forward. If you're looking for an EASY bird course, then I'd take Soc Psych. You just have to attend the classes because it's during the lectures you learn (i.e., get major hints on) what will be on the two midterms. If you can manage to do that, you'll be fine.
I hear from another friend of mine that origins is a bird course as well.
Thanks :)

I will probably end up taking Psych as an elective.
Thanks a lot!

I've heard mixed reviews from Logic so i will probably cross that off my list

I haven't taken the first year Russian so i can't enter the second year one unfortunately.
Unless they've changed it, the 2nd year russian is the beginners' course... there IS no first-year course
I guess they've changed it, because you need both first year Russian courses to take the second year one =/.
Oh... Lame.
I took psych 2C03 and I really liked it (interesting and not too difficult).

I also really liked popular music (I can't remember the code)

I was wondering if you had taken Psych 2B03: Personality as well? Is it as good as 2C03?
I've taken Critical Thinking and Logic. Wouldn't recommend logic. You can think of CT as prep for an LSAT exam. Some of my friends found this course to be incredibly simple and a super easy 12, others (including myself) had a hard time wrapping their minds around the particular way of thinking that it demands....

I recommend going to look at an LSAT prep book in the bookstore and if that looks interesting and makes sense to you, sign up for CT. If it doesn't make sense to you or you can't imagine wanting to learn how to do it, stay far away!
I would recommend Music 2II3 (Pop Music from WWII to present) and Linguistics 2E03 (From Slang to Discourse). Both are fun and easy.
HM, I wouldn't recommend Critical Thinking. They changed the course last year, and it was apparently quite brutal. It's not as good as it was in previous years, so I wouldn't recommend it. I've heard nothing but good things about Big Questions and Social Psych though :)

Good luck.